The Cure For Brand Blindness

Michael Bayouth // Mar 16, 2017 in Branding

I lost a good job today. I’m really glad though because it prompted this post. This applies to a surprisingly large percentage of businesses out there and is such vital information.

Let’s say a Firewood Company comes to me for rebranding. The guy says, “Michael, we’d really like you to redesign our logo.” To which I respond, “Fantastic, what’s the name of your firewood company?” He says, “Waterlogs.”

At this point I can do one of two things - either take the man’s money and redesign his logo or give him some good advice about branding. And this is the interesting part because it has nothing to do with design at all. So I delicately explain to him about the name of his company and the negative perception of something being “waterlogged,” to which the client says, “You just don’t get me,” and walks.

This is obviously hypothetical but is the essence of what happens none-the-less. Business owners sometimes seem to be blinded by their own vision, which might not have the same clarity to their clients. Good branding is not just about design. It all starts with the business or product name.

If you want water, you go to the well, right? But it’s not just about the water. It’s about the cup that holds the water. The name. The design is important, yes, but it all starts with the cup! Branding blindness is a real thing and it keeps companies from reaching their full potential.

At Bayouth Productions, expect more than just good design. If you’re in the market for branding or rebranding, approach it with an open mind. You owe it to yourself and more importantly, you owe it to your business.